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Direct current lines

The CES Group carries out comprehensive designing and construction of the DC transmission lines, which is an innovative technology under the power system reliability growth programs of the Russian Government.

In 2012, the British Institute, Alstrom Grid issued a certificate of qualification to group CES. At a level sufficient for the design of DC transmission

The main advantages of direct current transmission systems:
— High reliability of the energy system;
— The ability to transmit electricity over long distances with low losses;
— Ability to transfer electricity between unsynchronized energy systems, including foreign countries.

The «DC transmission Leningrad APS — Vyborg»
For the purposes of the FGC UES branch — MES North-West
Currently, Company Group «CES» by Design Institute Ltd. «EdvansStroy» and engineering center KER / Alstom Grid by OAO «UES FGC» successful work on the design and working drawings for the project» DC transmission Leningrad APS — Vyborg».
Transmission capacity of 1,000 MW at a voltage of ± 300 kV and a current of 1700 A.
In addition to the DC substation project provides another innovative solution — underwater cable lines, a construction length of 41 km along the bottom of the Gulf of Finland voltage of ± 300 kV.
Route DC submarine cable length of 41 km run from the bottom of the rectifier substations Gulf of Finland to the North Coast with access to land in the Vyborg district of Leningrad region. The trail aerial power line DC pass to Vyborg substation (Vyborg) — 62 miles through forests and swamps in the Vyborg district, Leningrad region, crossing the railroad tracks, roads (highway «Scandinavia»).
Technology underwater cable installation based on the experience of the company group «CES» Equipment was purchased in overseas factories to meet the requirements of Russian specialists.

The main areas of BSA LAES-2 — Vyborg:
1. overhead cables ~ 330 kV LAES2-PP in southern Gulf of Finland, 5.5 km;
2. PP ~ 330 kV / ± 300 kV ASHORE Koporskaya lips, about 4.5 hectares;
3. Land area — ± 300 kV overhead transmission line from the coast to Vyborg, 65 km;
3. Reconstruction of the existing substation 330/400 kV Vyborg in Buildings KVPU-5, 6-1 dismantling KVPU 2.

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